March 5, 2015


Isn't it funny how Jesus asks us to relearn truths, again and again? 

When my mom taught me to drive, we started in a parking lot on a clear day. Then we moved to the road. Then, when I had practiced in perfect driving conditions for a long time, I started driving in rush hour traffic. At night. In bad weather. I re-learned some basics every time, and years later, when I got a stick shift, I learned some of those driving skills all over again. 

I learned to wait on the Lord when I was single, and childless. I learned what it meant to seek His face, and find my joy in Him alone, even while I was asking and hoping for something. Lately, though, it seems I've taken the old lies that my hard work and striving make any sort of real difference, and wrapped myself up in them as if they were a warm, familiar old blanket. Only, this blanket isn't peaceful and restful; it's stressful and brings a gnawing worry, and an inability to find comfort in His provision. 

You know what I want to be remembered for? I don't want to be known as a mover and a shaker, a hard worker, or the girl you go to when you want to get things done. I want to be known as His beloved. I've asked Him to build His Kingdom through me, and I know He will, but it's not going to be because I'm working for it. The only effort I'm making--the only effort that ever really matters--is to know Him more.  

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March 3, 2015

February lovin'

A few things I've been loving around the internets lately...

...and if the therapist doesn't know, I'm sure somebody's best friend does...

The ingredients for Mexican Corn Cake are essentially butter and corn. So, OBVIOUSLY, I'm going to have to try it.

The She Reads Truth ladies are absolutely knocking it out of the ballpark with their Lent study. I'm hopelesslesly behind already, but every single day has felt like it's written straight to me. I'm not a gusher, or a big fan of popular devotionals, but this is excellent, and has helped anchor me in the Word more than anything else right now.

Shauna Reed has a whole mess of kids, homeschools, and just spent two years in Hawaii. I wish I could sit at her feet and learn to photograph my kids the way she does hers....

I love that this mama covered her couches and rugs in tarps and towels during potty training. Plastic wrap, anyone?

This spray is fabulous, and cheap! A friend recommended it, and I've been using it like crazy. That, and I've finally hopped on the backcombing bandwagon.

Speak of hair, mine is getting longer, and this seems like a pretty simple way to pretty up hair that hasn't been washed in...a while.

After a teary phone call to a friend, she shared this beautiful song with me, and I've had it on repeat ever since.


Friends, I'm ready for summer. I'll absolutely take that back by the beginning of May, but there you have it. Time for you to go, winter. Spring, we're ready for you!

Linking up here, and if we aren't friends on Instagram or Pinterest, we should be! 

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February 5, 2015

How to pack a Lily Jade diaper bag for three kids in diapers

I would not dare call myself an expert when it comes to (very) early childhood, but I would call myself (a little) experienced. Or at least, I know what to put in a diaper bag to make our outings as simple as possible.

For three kids in diapers, I pack my Lily Jade with:

1. Diapers (5) + wipes (Costco sized packs, and nothing less!)
2. Sippy cups; nothing worse than a thirsty toddler
3. Snacks; nothing worse than a hungry toddler
4. Crayons + toys or books; nothing worse than a bored toddler
5. Blanket to use as nursing cover, spit up wiper, toddler lovey, etc.
6. Change of clothes for bebe
7. Changing pad
8. My stuff--wallet, sunglasses, etc.

Despite what this list and "three kids, three and under" might lead you to believe, simple is a real love of mine. As a matter of fact, after unsuccessful bouts with a Land's End canvas tote and an ancient men's American Eagle messenger bag for my oldest (straps too short; eck), I concluded you don't really need a diaper bag. I just stuffed pacifiers and diapers in my purse and called it a day.

By the time my second child arrived, however, that became a little inconvenient. The Gap purse I was using was becoming a black hole of lost Cheerios, and I really didn't have extra hands at that point to be digging around for the wipes.

When I started working with Lily Jade last year, and got my first honest-to-goodness diaper bag, I amended my original views on what, in my mind, were the mom jeans of the bag world. Three kids in diapers has made me a diehard lover of pockets and an organization insert that keeps all things within easy reach. And God bless Meggan for creating a bag that doesn't scream "MOM!" (My kids do enough of that, thankyouverymuch.)

I will tell you we always keep wipes and extra diapers stashed in the car. And also toys, blankets, and so forth, because heaven help us the day we don't have extras.

I'm linking up (but not entering!) with this giveaway, which you should check out if you'd like to win a Lily Jade for yourself. Or just buy one. It's worth it. Take it from someone who knows. (me)

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