November 9, 2014

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A busy start to our week! We just got back into town from a trip to see my parents, and Eliannah started throwing up the very second we pulled into the driveway. Bless her sweet little heart. We have a doctor's appointment for the littlest one, an empty fridge, and a busy work schedule for both of us this week, too. Whew. Let's go Monday!


David's new 10-12 hour nights. This sweet, precious boy is sleeping through the night! Now, my challenge is getting myself to bed at a reasonable hour :).

Thankful For...

Seeing my dad! It's been two months since the last time I saw him, and two months since his cancer diagnosis. I was a little worried how the kids would take Poppy's new bald head and the mask he had  to wear with us there, but they didn't miss a beat.


How to help my preschooler! At three and a half, L is capable of and getting into EVERYTHING. With multiple little ones, I'm starting to feel like a seasoned mother of infants and toddlers, but lately I've been feeling like we're moving into a new whole new phase of parenting with him.


Eliannah gets a good night's rest and feels better in the morning.

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October 30, 2014

Bless a New Mom

There are not enough happy words to describe how wonderful it is when friends bring you food. Especially when you have a new baby in the house. And two other very small children. Can I get an amen?

From experience, though, I know finding healthy, hearty meals that are easy to prepare and easy to double for your own family can be difficult. Here are six dishes I've made before and love. Most of these recipes are actually ones I've used to take meals to our own friends...enjoy!

1. Emeril's Favorite Tortilla Soup. This recipe is deceptively simple but packed with flavor. Skip the DIY tortilla strips and Chipotle Crema, and just use sour cream and store-bought tortilla strips.

2. Blueberry Pecan Coconut Breakfast Cookies. My friend Lindsey brought these after David was born, and I might have devoured half the batch in one afternoon. All by myself. And then hid the rest from my husband. She brought these in addition to a meal, which I loved, because healthy snacks are always hard to come by, and nursing moms are usually HUNGRY!

3. The Pioneer Woman's Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad Wrap (or Salad). So delicious. And great for if you're dropping off lunch to your friend, or you can't drop off a hot meal at dinner time and need to bring something earlier to stick in your friend's fridge.

4. Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Casserole. Delicious, hearty, and no refined sugar. Mix it up for your friend, drop it off with her dinner, and let her throw it in the oven in the morning. She will thank you.

5. Creamy Chicken & Rice. This has all the creaminess and comfort of a chicken and rice casserole, but it comes together in a snap, doubles easily, and has no canned cream of anything.

6.  Crockpot Balsamic Beef Roast. Hands down one of my favorite meals EVER.

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October 23, 2014


My sweet number three isn't going to have his birth story shared with the masses unless I start typing again, and since writing a birth story has been the only real tradition I've kept with the other I am, blogging away!

David is going to be seven weeks tomorrow. I wouldn't dare jinx things by sharing how many hours he's sleeping at night, but--THE LORD KNOWS. And I'm so deeply grateful. I have no qualms at this point with keeping my babes in bed with me, but David sleeping in his own swing at the foot of my bed saves me many, many neck cricks and backaches in the morning. AND I'M GRATEFUL.

Target should just go ahead and put the workout DVD section right next to all the cute clothes. Last week on a whim, I bought a Tracy Anderson video and came home excited about looking like dear Gwyneth by the middle of next month. But then I read an Amazon review about how somebody's pelvic floor prolasped after starting the DVD at 6 weeks postpartum, and how her physical therapist told her those videos are really inappropriate for postpartum women, and I got scared. I visited a chiropractor twice during pregnancy (I would have visited more, but--$40 copay!!) because my pubic bone (bones?) started popping, and she thought my pelvis was probably detaching and becoming misaligned. I'm thinking I should wait to start exercising till I visit her again and talk about that, but...$40! That's dinner at a delicious restaurant for all five of us that I didn't have to plan for, shop for, prepare, or clean up after. So. In the meantime, I thank God for Jennifer Garner and Maria the Housekeeper.

In addition to nursing every few hours and googling things like "replens" and "tracy anderson" and "pubic symphysis diastasis," I'm also doing social media for Lily Jade, which means finding creative ways to cram 15-20 hours of work into an already full day. I know, that's crazy. Crazy oughta be locked up kind of crazy, but it's literally the grace of God, my husband's light (for now) work schedule, a gem of an employer, and...a lot of lowered expectations. That phrase used to make me bristle, but I get it now. It's been three days since the kids have bathed? Don't care, and I'm not even going to promise myself I'll "try harder." The kitchen? I already told my husband to just get used to it being upside down all the time. TV? Oh, we watch it. We watch the pants off that TV.

And Rodan + Fields! God bless Rodan + Fields. I aspire each week to spend hours and hours "working it" and usually only ever spend less than a handful each week, but God is gracious and my commission checks are really growing, in spite of my meager efforts. My R+F friend (who, I found out, is related to a friend I went to school with!) just earned her Lexus (the Lexus is to Rodan + Fields what the Cadillac is to Mary Kay), and my goal is to have mine by the time L starts Kindergarten. I just wish they made Suburban-sized Lexus'....

I am nowhere close to finding a new rhythm again, with babies + work + the other work, but somehow what gets done gets done, and what doesn't get done...just doesn't get done. One day I'll potty train my almost preschooler and start reading him books regularly, and one day I'll stop eating sugar like its my job. Maybe. In the meantime, a few things that are keeping my heart healthy are this verse (it's one of those verses that's never made logical sense to me, but when I speak it over myself and my life, it changes things), choosing to see chaos as joy, copious amounts of these breakfast cookies first shared with me by Lindsey, this beautiful interview with Rachel Jankovich, and Jesus. So much Jesus.

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